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Selling on Amazon can't be painful when it looks this good.


Startups have a tough road ahead of them. they need to be able to break through the noise with a great product or services. Startups also need to have great branding in order to stand out from their competition. Amplizon great content and services, all they needed was great branding to elevate their messaging.


Working closely with the owners of Amplizon we wanted to create a high energy, high-value brand. The brand needed to match the high-quality services they provide to all of their clients. 


Together we were able to create a uniquely bright, sophisticated, high-level brand that sets Amplizon apart from the rest. 


  • Identity

  • Brand Strategy

  • Typography

  • Digital & Traditional Advertising

  • Print Layout

  • Graphic Design



  • Sophisticated Yet Energetic Color System; Amplizon is a lively high-quality company. Color and sophistication aren't usually paired together. When you think sophistication as in colors many think of black, gold, white, silver, and gray.  In order to create the right atmosphere, we use do black and gray. In tangent with the "sophisticated colors" we have added a splash of color in order to create the fun, energetic mood that we want. We color coated the system of packages they offer in order to give each level its own splash of color.

  • Personalized Welcome Kits for Each Package; Amplizon offers multiple packages, each package we created a personal welcome kit.

  • Consistent Branding; Even though there are different levels within Amplizon. I was able to create a consistent brand that carried over to each package. Even though the colors would change for each package, the patterns and photography treatments are universal.

  • The Technical Must Have Boring Forms: With every company that offers so much and involves clients to sign up for their services, you always need the technical forms. This would include NCR, Agreement Forms, Warranty Certificates, Quality Assurance Forms, Reimbursement Forms, etc. The trick with these is yes they can be boring but they need to be structured in a way that they are easy to fill out and flow naturally. 



Amplizon is uniquely different than the competition. With this in mind, the brand needed to stand out from the crowd. Using a striking color pallet a unique high-quality brand was created.



Everyone has read a boring training manual, they are everywhere and aren't easy to digest. Amp[lizon's materials are all heavy on information but are designed in a manner that makes it an easy experience for anyone who is reading them. Maximizing the whitespace and creating a very visual learning experience everyone seems to enjoy the materials they get.



We have even more learning materials. Every piece has been given its own look and feel, in order to stand out from the regular stack of papers. Unfortunately some items are just boring in nature. Even thought they are boring creating the proper spacing and structure can make it easy for a reader to understand.



Amplizon successfully launched in January of 2018 and continues to grow and surpass their goals. As the content continues to evolve and more team members are brought on they will continue to climb to the top of the field.

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