Mount Mercy University

Branding that invokes change


Partnering up with Mount Mercy it was evident that they needed a voice in a very diluted market. In order to do this we needed to create a brand campaign that encapsulates the values and beliefs of the University. a brand that could light a fire in a potential student and help them feel confident in taking a plunge into higher education.


This campaign was built on from strategy and insight from Mount Mercy's executive staff; intensive research on market demand, competition, and white-space analysis; as well as internal strategy and dialogue.


Mount Mercy deserves more than a simple marketing campaign; it deserves an identity that students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community can rally around. ​

  • Marketing

  • Campaign Creation

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Digital & Traditional Advertising

  • Social Media


  • Strategic Brand Design; There is a method to the madness! Each eye, nose, mouth, word are strategically placed in a specific way, in order to create the correct and consistent brand.

  • The Storyline; There is a story each student follows as they trickle down the marketing funnel. Specifically in the program specific advertising. You will see a cause and effect progression as an individual is #madebymercy which in return creates "moments" that are made by mercy.

  • Digital & Email Ad Campaigns; A series of campaigns were created for the initial launch of the new campaign. Many aspects came into play when developing these. 4 different options were provided for each display in order for a greater amount of testing opportunities.

  • Constant CRO and A/B Split Tests: The only way to truly know if your creative is working is to test the crap out of it. Everything is in a constant stage of testing. Constant split tests are being evaluated with imagery, colors, wording, layout, etc. With all the data you can constantly evolve the campaign in order to make the biggest impact. 

  • New Website and User Experience; A new site was created in order to properly engage the customer. Utilizing proper white space and a strategy of progression was applied to the design. The flow and design of the site created a fluid user experience that was easy to digest and helpful to the customer.



With a new and eye-catching campaign engagement saw an immediate increase. MMU has seen an increase of 38% of enrolling students through submissions directly related to the new brand.

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