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Rebranding the largest independent healthcare provider in Utah (Formerly Central Utah Clinic) was a tremendous task. This required a great amount of collaboration with multiple agencies and a fantastic internal marketing team.


Since inception in 1960, Central Utah Clinic had simply outgrown its name. The name and brand no longer represented the clinic as a whole. It was in dire need of an entire overhaul.


As the only creative on the marketing team, a huge undertaking was required. A new branding structure and style guide needed to be created. All internal assets for over 100 locations, 300 providers and 2,000 employees needed to be created and delivered simultaneously.  ​

  • Marketing

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Digital & Traditional Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Internal Relations​​


  • Complex Style Guide; mapping out branding guides as well as a 3 tier logo structure for groups and specialties.

  • Billboard Campaign; A series of billboards were created and strategically placed throughout Utah and various parts of Nevada.

  • Consistent Messaging; Educating the public, employees, and partners, that even though the name had changed, the core of the clinic was still the same. 

  • Pre-Launch Teaser Campaign: Employees and patients were skeptical and nervous about the rebrand. We created a pre-launch campaign to build excitement. The launch teased an unveiling event that was coordinated at several different movie theaters across Utah.

  • Interior and External Signage; With over 100 locations not only did the outdoor signage need to be updated, but the interior needed to reflect the new brand. 

  • Video Storyboarding and Concepting: Storyboard and concept creation for our brand unveil video. In collaboration with Cosmic Studios, we successfully created a video that could be split into 3 separate commercials.


AMA Marketing Best Rebrand



Brand awareness went through the roof overnight. Within a couple months in web traffic increased by over 200%. Facebook saw a 1000% increase in followers. Revere Health is now a united recognizable brand throughout Utah.

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