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Revere Health

The whole kit and caboodle


Rebranding the largest independent healthcare provider in Utah (Formerly Central Utah Clinic) was a tremendous task. This required a great amount of collaboration with multiple agencies and a fantastic internal marketing team.


Since inception in 1960, Central Utah Clinic had simply outgrown its name. The name and brand no longer represented the clinic as a whole. It was in dire need of an entire overhaul.


As the only creative on the marketing team, a huge undertaking was required. A new branding structure and style guide needed to be created. All internal assets for over 100 locations, 300 providers and 2,000 employees needed to be created and delivered simultaneously.  ​

  • Marketing

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Digital & Traditional Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Internal Relations​​


  • Complex Style Guide; mapping out branding guides as well as a 3 tier logo structure for groups and specialties.

  • Billboard Campaign; A series of billboards were created and strategically placed throughout Utah and various parts of Nevada.

  • Consistent Messaging; Educating the public, employees, and partners, that even though the name had changed, the core of the clinic was still the same. 

  • Pre-Launch Teaser Campaign: Employees and patients were skeptical and nervous about the rebrand. We created a pre-launch campaign to build excitement. The launch teased an unveiling event that was coordinated at several different movie theaters across Utah.

  • Interior and External Signage; With over 100 locations not only did the outdoor signage need to be updated, but the interior needed to reflect the new brand. 

  • Video Storyboarding and Concepting: Storyboard and concept creation for our brand unveil video. In collaboration with Cosmic Studios, we successfully created a video that could be split into 3 separate commercials.


AMA Marketing Best Rebrand


Revere Health puts their patient's health above all else. We designed a unique brand and identity based on their dedication to every patient.



In conjunction with the teaser campaigns. We created a brand unveil video, which as served as 3 separate commercial spots once sliced.



With so many different fields and specialist, we could not lump them all into one logo. Therefore a logo structure was created with over 300+ different logos all falling in certain tiers of usage.



We needed to create a website focused on the patient and the ease of navigation to better serve the patient. We had a direction, drew up a map, and delivered. Putting Revere at the forefront of their competitors. We are not developers, we are designers and marketing experts. We hired Red Olive to help with the development of the site. Keeping an open forum with the developer the Marketing Director, Web Specialist and I spent countless hours on the design and navigation of the site. 



Revere Health is not just a clinic, it is an experience to a better life. Stepping ahead of the times and the competition Revere embraced a fresh new brand. One that could encapsulate the new tagline and portray living better. This was done by updating the entire patient experience. The inside of the clinic was given a facelift with new vinyl graphics and signs. Not only was the experience of walking through the clinic changed, a new patient portal was created. The new experience was also extended beyond the patient; a new intranet and company wellness program was created. 



A series of billboards were put we designed and strategically placed depending on the demographic, throughout Utah on the day we launched the new brand. Our message was able to be heard across Utah opening the door to many more opportunities and designs for billboard advertising. 



Brand awareness went through the roof overnight. Within a couple months in web traffic increased by over 200%. Facebook saw a 1000% increase in followers. Revere Health is now a united recognizable brand throughout Utah.

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